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  • Coffee Roasters, Trading, Specialty Coffee

    Every year more coffee consumers adopt specialty coffee in their daily routine. As a result, even more coffee roasters seek to launch their coffee brand in the market at an affordable price with no compromises in the product quality.

    VSF HELLAS a reliable partner of professional coffee roasters and coffee traders enhances the consumer experience via providing top quality packaging combined with superb printing result.

    We help you build and promote your brand name or concept of your campaign via tailored packaging solutions that vary from custom printing to mold making of cups, lids, cup carriers etc.

  • Coffee Service & Franchise, Coffee Houses, Cafeterias, Café Bars

    The fact that an increasing number of consumers desire more and better tasting coffee led to an increased number of gourmet coffee bars.

    Key success factors for those coffee houses are:
    1) Offering consumers a wider variety of coffee specialties,
    2) Consumer education and deeper knowhow about coffee origin, roasting, blending and the barista skills
    3) Customer-Centric philosophy and
    4) Providing quality take away and delivery services.


    VSF HELLAS focuses on those coffee service professionals who want to make a difference offering them value-for-money packaging solutions and services such as:
    a) Delightful consumer experience via products of premium material, top printing quality without unpleasant odors or cup leakage
    b) Iconic Branding via tailor made packaging solutions at an affordable price
    c) Logistics services in terms of product distribution, inventory monitoring and optimization, 100% product availability minimizing out-of-stocks.
  • Dairy Industry, Kiosks selling Ice Cream, Gelato, Frozen Yogurt to go

    VSF HELLAS offers a complete line of ice cream packaging and containers to meet the needs of today’s industry so you can:

    • Serve your ice cream or other frozen treat to-go using our top quality paper cups; they are available in many designs and sizes. You can choose one of our stock designs or even better customize!

    • Pack your ice cream using paper, plastic or foam containers (take home ice cream containers) for safe transport, storage and deep freezing. They come with plain or customized IML lids. From round, oval, custom, short, tall, or in-between, VSF HELLAS ice cream packaging is synonymous with quality, innovation, and value.

    • Highlight the premium quality of your ice cream by using a plastic bulk (4.75L) container at your display freezer.

  • Fast Food, Take Away Restaurants, Grill Houses

    Busy consumers are getting even busier and as a result take out is grabbing a greater share of the fast-food business. This also means there’s greater demand for creative and improved portability and functionality in product packaging for takeout items.

    VSF HELLAS offers packaging that preserves the quality of the food while in transit. Our takeout boxes and containers (for grilled food, fast food etc)  guarantee safe transport and are designed to be leak proof, grease resistant and keep food items at their intended temperature.

    Choose a stock design or customize for differentiation!

  • Snack Bars, Kiosks, Refreshment Bars, Creperies, Concession Stands

    The trend toward grab-and-go dining is on the rise; the right packaging must preserve the products’ freshness for longer periods of time as sales might occur through all day parts, especially for snacks and desserts.

    Further, the focus on healthy dining, increases snacking throughout the day. Browse our website to see a full product line for hot or cold beverages, salads, snacks and food to-go.

    Products are available for shipping today in our stock design or can be shipped after a short period of time with your unique design.

  • Bakeries, Pastry Shops, Pastry Manufacturers, Ingredients Suppliers

    We offer a wide spectrum of paper, foam and plastic packaging products for all your sweet and salty creations from the manufacturing stage until the final product presentation, transport, storage and consumption.

    Specialty cups, bowls, cubes, plates, bags and containers of high endurance, convenience and premium design are available to delight you and your clients.

  • Events Planning & Catering

    Your gastronomic creations are unique and so does their packaging. Discover today our paper and plastic packaging products for catering and event planning.

    Specialty designed bowls, sundae cups, plates, cubes, shooters, long drink cups and containers of unsurpassed rigidity and clearance to make you creations stand out and delight your customers.

  • Food Service Equipment & Supplies

    Check our premium disposable packaging products for catering, concession stands, ships, hotels and restaurant coffee bars at an affordable price. 

  • Super Market

    Wide assortment of food and beverage packaging solutions for retail: containers for olives, pickles, desserts, takeout and more; disposable cups for hot or cold drinks, drinking straws, lids, and plastic cutlery.