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Coffee House Chains

  • Coffee Service & Franchise, Coffee Houses, Cafeterias, Café Bars

    The fact that an increasing number of consumers desire more and better tasting coffee led to an increased number of gourmet coffee bars.

    Key success factors for those coffee houses are:
    1) Offering consumers a wider variety of coffee specialties,
    2) Consumer education and deeper knowhow about coffee origin, roasting, blending and the barista skills
    3) Customer-Centric philosophy and
    4) Providing quality take away and delivery services.


    VSF HELLAS focuses on those coffee service professionals who want to make a difference offering them value-for-money packaging solutions and services such as:
    a) Delightful consumer experience via products of premium material, top printing quality without unpleasant odors or cup leakage
    b) Iconic Branding via tailor made packaging solutions at an affordable price
    c) Logistics services in terms of product distribution, inventory monitoring and optimization, 100% product availability minimizing out-of-stocks.