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  • Ready-to-ship Products

    We offer complete packaging solutions for disposable foodservice products of paper, plastic and expanded polystyrene. Ready-to-ship products of our stock.

    Discover today our rich assortment of: Drinking cups, lids, containers, spoons, drinking straws, cup carriers, boxes and bowls for ice cream, beverages, snacks, desserts, pastry, fast food, salads, grilled food and more.


  • Custom Print Packaging

    Packaging Matters!

    In VSF HELLAS we believe that food and drink packaging can do more than just transport food from the cafeteria or restaurant to a destination. Customized packaging goes beyond its functionality to drive sales as it acts as a vehicle for brand building, promotion mechanisms and food appeal.

    Our mission is to be a reliable partner of professional foodservice operators and provide them innovative packaging solutions from planning and designing to production and delivery.

    We offer sustainable, quality and upscale products that cover all your packaging needs at competitive prices. In VSF Hellas we combine top quality materials with state-of-the-art printing technology giving our products high end look with no compromises in safety and product functionality.

  • Tailor Made Packaging

    Our complete packaging solutions encompass the entire process of designing, printing and supply chain management to meet the marketing and protective needs of your packaged products

    We do tailor made packaging such as: 
    - Luxury Packaging
    Bottom glued, side glued and specially designed boxes are included in this group. These are manufactured, according to preference, as foil-stamped and/or embossed, usually window-patched, single-layer or laminated (coated/micro).
    - General Packaging
    Depending on the customer’s method of use, automatic lock bottom, manual lock bottom and automatic filling packs are included in this group. These boxes can be manufactured as window patched and/or foil-stamped or OPP film coated and/or embossed packs.
    Fast moving consumer goods such as coated gum boxes, chocolate-candy-marshmallow boxes, powdered drink boxes, frozen pizza boxes, ready cake and dough boxes, bouillon cube boxes, breakfast cereal boxes; self-care products like tissue and tooth gum boxes; promotional display boxes; stationery boxes; textile products like lingerie and socks boxes; and durable consumer goods like glassware and home appliance boxes can be listed as examples.
    - POP stands 
    - Multi packs
    This group includes automatic and manual filling fridge packs, automatic and manual filling wrappers, bottom glued basket carriers, side-glued multiple clips carriers, and self-separated special-design display packages.
  • Promo Cups in Small quantities

    Digital Printing for Promotions & PR Events

    Digital Printing for paper cups (drinking and ice cream cups).

    - Supreme printing result

    - Small MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) up to 1000 pieces 

    - Delivery in less than 10 working days.


    Printing of plastic PP cups in small quantities.

    - Quality printing result

    - Small MOQ up to 10,000 pieces

  • Warehousing & Distribution

    We provide fast and safe product transport, distribution and delivery via our trucks throughout Attica region. For our customers outside Attica we deliver their products to the transportation agency of their choice.  

    Moreover, for our customers handling a network of stores we can provide:
    - Stock monitoring securing 100% product availability with zero out-of-stocks
    - Inventory optimization
    - Product distribution throughout their network of stores.