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Tailor Made Packaging

Understanding the particular needs of your business is at the core of everything we supply as in VSF Hellas we believe that food and drink packaging can do more than just transport food from the cafeteria or restaurant to a destination.

Packaging can be a powerful differentiator and growth catalyst going beyond its functionality. Successful packaging can drive sales, customer loyalty and in-store traffic as it acts as a vehicle for differentiation, brand building, promotion mechanisms and food appeal.

 At VSF HELLAS we provide:

  1. Custom Printing: Use our cups tp print your unique brand logo or any other design
  2. Tailor Made Packaging: You give us the technical specifications of your desired packaging and we make sure it is brought to life from planning and designing to production and delivery.
We do tailor made packaging such as: 
- Luxury Packaging
Bottom glued, side glued and specially designed boxes are included in this group. These are manufactured, according to preference, as foil-stamped and/or embossed, usually window-patched, single-layer or laminated (coated/micro).
-  General Packaging
Depending on the customer’s method of use, automatic lock bottom, manual lock bottom and automatic filling packs are included in this group. These boxes can be manufactured as window patched and/or foil-stamped or OPP film coated and/or embossed packs.
Fast moving consumer goods such as coated gum boxes, chocolate-candy-marshmallow boxes, powdered drink boxes, frozen pizza boxes, ready cake and dough boxes, bouillon cube boxes, breakfast cereal boxes; self-care products like tissue and tooth gum boxes; promotional display boxes; stationery boxes; textile products like lingerie and socks boxes; and durable consumer goods like glassware and home appliance boxes can be listed as examples.
- POP stands
- Multi packs
This group includes automatic and manual filling fridge packs, automatic and manual filling wrappers, bottom glued basket carriers, side-glued multiple clips carriers, and self-separated special-design display packages.