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Dairy & Ice Cream Industry

  • Dairy Industry, Kiosks selling Ice Cream, Gelato, Frozen Yogurt to go

    VSF HELLAS offers a complete line of ice cream packaging and containers to meet the needs of today’s industry so you can:

    • Serve your ice cream or other frozen treat to-go using our top quality paper cups; they are available in many designs and sizes. You can choose one of our stock designs or even better customize!

    • Pack your ice cream using paper, plastic or foam containers (take home ice cream containers) for safe transport, storage and deep freezing. They come with plain or customized IML lids. From round, oval, custom, short, tall, or in-between, VSF HELLAS ice cream packaging is synonymous with quality, innovation, and value.

    • Highlight the premium quality of your ice cream by using a plastic bulk (4.75L) container at your display freezer.